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Banjos in stock

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Current waiting time for custom orders - 12-16 weeks

In the Workshop:- We are currently working on several models which will be made from some unusual native hardwoods. Two in applewood - beautiful, straight grained and knot free, an attractive light, sandy brown with lighter stripes.
The others will be in field maple, a wood not often found in large enough sections to make a banjo, but we have some nice bits. It is a creamy white wood with pale sandy pink markings. It has to be said that there are plently of knots and dark streaks, none of which will affect performance as we cut it with regard to defects. These will be banjos of character.
Finished products available around June. Expressions of interest most welcome - no obligation.

GB  188, The 'Sphinx', cast Tubaphone tonering, English field maple and ebony.

Ref:GB188 Ref:GB188 Ref:GB188

GB  184, 'Tompion',  brass tone ring,   applewood and laburnum.    £1245.

. . . an upgraded Regulator, Thomas Tompion was the maker of the finest regulator clocks in the  C17th.

Ref:GB184 Ref:GB184 Ref:GB184

GB  181,  'Ariel',  10 inch 'A' scale,
brass tone ring, maple   £1325

Ref:GB181 Ref:GB181 Ref:GB181

GB  179,  'Fantail',  brass ring,
cherry, fanned frets.   £1199

this extra image shows the highly unusual fanning of the frets - plays beautifully

Ref:GB179 Ref:GB179 Ref:GB179

Enquiries for custom banjos or about upcoming stock are always welcome.

We also have for sale:

This is a Pinh from Thailand - made from mango wood.


pinh pinh pinh pinh

Bacon model FF, internal resonator pot kit, everything needed including name plate.


bacon pot bacon pot



(we update this page fairly regularly - please call to confirm)

Telephone: 01588 505065