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Open back banjos (click for a larger view)


Bacon,  11inch,  mahogany.    Price  £1495


Ref:GB206 Ref:GB206 Ref:GB206


GB205 custom 12inch, brass tone ring, old mahogany


Ref:GB205 Ref:GB205 Ref:GB205


GB204 custom Whyte Laydie, 11inch,  Brazilian satinwood


Ref:GB204 Ref:GB204 Ref:GB204


GB203 'AURORA', Whyte Laydie, 11inch,  English applewood


  Ref:GB203 Ref:GB203


GB202 'ARIEL', 10inch, English applewood


Ref:GB202 Ref:GB202 Ref:GB202


GB201,  'Snooker T', old mahogany and ebony with titanium Whyte Laydie


Ref:GB201 Ref:GB201 Ref:GB201


GB199  ARIEL  in mahogany


Ref:GB199 Ref:GB199 Ref:GB199


GB  198   ARIEL  10" in field maple


Ref:GB198 Ref:GB198 Ref:GB198


GB  197  Tubaphone in cherry

Ref:GB197 Ref:GB197 Ref:GB197

GB  188, The 'Sphinx', cast Tubaphone tonering, English field maple and ebony.

Ref:GB188 Ref:GB188 Ref:GB188

GB  181,  'Ariel',  10 inch 'A' scale,
brass tone ring, maple

Ref:GB181 Ref:GB181 Ref:GB181

GB  190, English applewood and ebony with Whyte Laydie tone ring and frailing scoop.

Ref:GB190 Ref:GB190 Ref:GB190

GB 189, Titan 'Sundance', old mahogany, with a 12 inch titanium Whyte Laydie tone ring, custom made for Titan Banjos.

Ref:GB189 Ref:GB189 Ref:GB189

GB  187, hardwood tonering, English apple and laburnam

Ref:GB187 Ref:GB187 Ref:GB187

GB  186,  hardwood tonering, cherry and ebony

Ref:GB186 Ref:GB186 Ref:GB186

GB  185, 'Pomona',  Whyte Laydie,    applewood and ebony.

. . . Pomona was the Roman goddess of fruit (hence the French word for apple) and the banjo is in applewood.

Ref:GB185 Ref:GB185 Ref:GB185

GB  184, 'Tompion',  brass tone ring,   applewood and laburnum.   

. . . an upgraded Regulator, Thomas Tompion was the maker of the finest regulator clocks in the  C17th.

Ref:GB184 Ref:GB184 Ref:GB184

GB  182,  'Naiad', White Laydie, maple 

Ref:GB182 Ref:GB182 Ref:GB182

GB  179,  'Fantail',  brass ring,
cherry, fanned frets.  

this extra image shows the highly unusual fanning of the frets - plays beautifully

Ref:GB179 Ref:GB179 Ref:GB179


Ref:GB173 Ref:GB173 Ref:GB173
GB176 (18/10/2017)
11", Whyte Laydie, curly maple, carved heel, scoop and dropped tension hoop.  
Ref:GB176 Ref:GB176 Ref:GB176
GB174 (23/07/17)
11", Tubaphone, walnut, shoe band.  
Ref:GB174 Ref:GB174 Ref:GB174
GB172 (24/04/2017)
8" 'Firefly', brass ring, maple.  
Ref:GB172 Ref:GB172 Ref:GB172
GB169 (20/03/17)
11", Whyte Laydie, walnut.  
Ref:GB169 Ref:GB169 Ref:GB169

GB 177 (07/06/16)
11", Whyte Laydie, maple, scoop and dropped tension hoop.

Ref:GB177 Ref:GB177 Ref:GB177
8" 'Firefly', brass ring, cherry. 
Ref:GB171 8 inch firefly Ref:GB171 8 inch firefly Ref:GB171 8 inch firefly
11", Tubaphone, cherry, shoe band.  
Ref:GB168 Ref:GB168 Ref:GB168
11", Whyte Laydie, English cherry.  
Ref:GB165 Ref:GB165 Ref:GB165
11", Tubaphone, mahogany.  
Ref:GB152 Ref:GB152 Ref:GB152
11", cast Tubaphone,  English cherry, laburnam fingerboard, shoe band. 
Ref:GB161 Ref:GB161 Ref:GB161
10", brass ring, walnut, carved heel.  
Ref:GB164 Ref:GB164 Ref:GB164
11",  Titanium SP, walnut, carved heel, shoe band, rim cap inlays.  
Ref:GB100 Ref:GB100 Ref:GB100
12",  Tubaphone, curly maple, carved heel.  
Ref:GB133 Ref:GB133 Ref:GB133
12",  Tubaphone, cherry, shoe band.  
Ref:GB132 Ref:GB132 Ref:GB132
8", brass ring cherry.  
Ref:GB166 Ref:GB166 Ref:GB166
11", Whyte Laydie, satinwood, marquetry rim, rim cap inlays. 
Ref:GB109 Ref:GB109 Ref:GB109
11",  Tubaphone, cherry, bracket tube,  scoop.  
Ref:GB110 Ref:GB110 Ref:GB110

Banjo details (click for a larger view)

Telephone: 01588 505065