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griffin banjo GB109

How to order a Griffin Banjo

If you are considering a custom made model we are happy to discuss with you what you are looking for in an instrument with regard to the style you play, the kind of sound you like and, importantly, the appearance of what will be a very special banjo for yourself.

Sometimes we have instruments in stock.  There is usually a 'Regulator' available, the entry level model, a quality instrument but of plain appearance, and occasionally there might be something that has been made to try out new ideas or materials, or possibly a used model.

Griffin are not able to compete with cheap  imported instruments on price.  What we offer is high quality and good service and a product that will last a lifetime.   As the saying has it - 'You pay for what you get, but you get what you paid for'.

Prices are from £1200 (as at 2017/18).

Telephone: 01588 505065


hand made open back